Thilde van Norel
Thilde van Norel


„Thilde is a great professional and capable luthier as well as beeing a charming person. I have been playing her cello for about three years now. it is a strong and stable instrument that allows you to be heard with an orchestra and has a high sound quality to it. the best thing about it is you can play very soft and still be heard. I very much recomend to come to the atelier and checkout her work or come in for repairs. you will be well received.“
William Weil, Cellist Canada

„I purchased a 2012 Violin from this wonderful luthier, and have since been happily in love with my instrument! I feel Thilde van Norel’s instruments have a maturity and a soul from the very outset, and the craftsmanship is exacting and delicate. My instrument has a stunning flaming on the back and a gorgeous deep red varnish finish, which gives me visual enjoyment as well as the satisfaction of playing it. In addition when I have needed repairs, such as when I noticed a crack in the front plate due to a bicycle accident, she completes them with grace, precision and an expert hand. With her instrument, I have won three auditions and am now playing with several professional orchestras throughout the UK.
Georgia Hannant, Violinist Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

„Thilde van Norel always receives me very comprehensive and with full attention. Her violins sound very warm, which makes playing them a real pleasure!
MinJung Kang, Violinist Berlin

„It is always a great pleasure to try out, discuss, and play Thilde’s new Celli in, as well as assist her in optimising the instruments. She possesses the right mixture of craftmanship, cellist expertise, artistic intuition and a humble but visionary sincerity to make one marvellous instrument after the other!“
Uwe Hirth-Schmidt, Cellist Berlin

„This is a great cello! It´s new but the sound is very mature.“
Mischa Maisky

„I am pleased to introduce to you a wonderful violin maker. I have tried her cello among 9 other celli during the Cello Biennale in Amsterdam. Her cello sounded very beautiful, powerful, flexibel and sensitive. It convinced me immediately. „
Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Cellist

„I am very impressed with your cello, which has such a strong potential.“
Frans Helmerson, Cellist and professor at Hans Eisler, Kronberg Academy, Barenboim-Said Academy

„A very beautiful and clear cello sound that will carry to the back of the concert hall.“
Floris Mijnders, Solocellist Münchner Philharmonie

„Your cello has a warm, broad sound, and is very responsive. Quick passages come fluently, beautifully made, great finish, beautiful varnish.“
Hans Mannes, Cellist, honorary professor Conservatory of Antwerp